Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Porcelain veneers and crowns are thin layers of porcelain cemented onto front teeth to enhance appearance, and in some cases, to protect the teeth. Veneers and crowns can lengthen and widen the appearance of your teeth, but can also provide a uniform color and brightness. This allows many patients to achieve a dramatic smile makeover and can last several years.

Veneers typically require 3-4 appointments. These appointments are designed to allow you to be a part of the planning process so that you end up with a predictable result that you are absolutely thrilled with.

1. Consultation:

The first appointment is a consultation to determine what your goals are for your new smile. Our skilled cosmetic dentist will meet with you personally to examine your teeth and then discuss details and any questions you have. You will see how caring and communicative our dentists really are! All appointments after the initial consultation are included in the cost of the final Veneers or Crowns. This allows you to be part of a well-planned out process, and not worry about the cost of each appointment.

2. Digital Analysis:

Along with our partners, dental lab technicians at Shanto Dental Ceramics, we will do a complete digital analysis of your existing smile and your new smile. This analysis will include looking at your teeth from different angles, as well as when you move your lips and speak. We will look at colour shades to see what level of bright white will look most natural, while still giving you your desired new look.

3. Try out your new smile, painlessly:

We will plan an easy, non-invasive in-office appointment to do a trial of your new teeth. This involves no anesthetic and quickly allows you to see the new shape and length of your teeth. We can give you the plastic trial overlay to take home with you so that you can show your loved ones and get their opinion. With your feedback, your dentist will modify the desired result.

4. Tooth Preparation:

We will reserve you a time with our Cosmetic dentist and Certified dental assistant, to guide you through a painless process where they will shape and design your teeth, as well as make you temporary teeth. This time will be your exclusive, uninterrupted session with our caring providers.

5. Analysis and Evaluation:

After you have had a few days to smile with your new teeth, we will arrange an assessment with your dentist to evaluate your thoughts and see what changes would further enhance your smile and desired result. Once you are happy with your temporary teeth, we will take a 3D scan to duplicate this. This will ensure you are thrilled with your final result!

6. Final Porcelain Insert appointment:

Your dental team will try your final result, verifying that you are happy. You will walk out with your new smile!

7. Follow-up

We will plan subsequent complimentary follow-up appointments to adjust your bite and ensure that you are thrilled with your new smile.


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