6 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Therapy at an Early Age

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Teeth Correction Can Start Early

Corrections (or interventions) can begin the process of making proper adjustments at an early age when teeth can move more easily. Based on the results of an examination, your dentist can start the process of making those adjustments and possibly minimizing the extent of the corrections required later.

With early intervention, you can shorten the amount of time your child needs correction or even eliminate the need altogether. Several conditions can be treated early on, among them are overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, thumb-sucking or pacifier use that can cause irregular jaw growth, bite alignment, and gaps or uneven spacing.

Invisalign Can Be a Big Part of the Answer

Most treatments can be done with Invisalign so that you can avoid braces. Invisalign clear aligners are transparent and are removable. They are more comfortable than traditional braces as they move your teeth gradually with each new aligner. Invisalign also allows for lifestyle flexibility, in that you can remove them and enjoy a meal!

Invisalign’s invisible correction has helped improve over 11 million smiles. At Yaletown Dentistry, we are a 2021/2022 Diamond/ Platinum Plus provider and have helped improve many of those smiles right here in Vancouver.

6 Reasons to Start Early

Addressing the issue later will only make it more difficult

It is a good idea for children as early as seven to be examined to determine whether treatment will be necessary. Early treatment (also known as Phase One, usually starts around age 8 or 9).

Certain situations call for early treatment

For many situations, the earlier the condition is treated, the better. Problems that need to be corrected as soon as they are noticed include a crossbite of the back teeth, overcrowding disrupting adult teeth growing in, a narrow upper dental arch, amongst other things.

Socially, teeth correction can be very easy for young people

Children aged 10-15 are very accustomed to having their peers in orthodontic treatment, so it is widely accepted. Invisalign makes it easier for everyone. People of all ages can benefit from a better smile, painlessly.

The earlier you begin, the more economical it will be

Many times, the later you wait, the more complex and lengthy the treatment becomes. For instance, early crowding treated with the early intervention will prevent cumulative crowding. This will allow for not only shorter treatment to correct, but also will prevent gum and bone loss that occurs with very crowded teeth. Gum recession and bone loss require their own more costly interventions, with hopes of reversing a sometimes irreversible process of deterioration.

Early detection and correction are easier

While a child’s teeth are still coming in, the jawbone has not finished growing. During this time, it is a lot easier to intercept a problem and make corrections.

A preventative measure

Addressing teeth correction as a child can help prevent the need for extractions and surgery as an adult.

Yaletown Dentistry in Downtown Vancouver BC

At Yaletown Dentistry, we treat patients of all ages. The sooner you come in, the sooner we can get started working on a preventative plan for you. There are many good reasons to begin treatment early in life while your teeth and jaw are still developing, but whatever your age, now is always a good time!

At Yaletown Dentistry, in downtown Vancouver, we are independently owned and operated. We serve our patients with the best service and care. We offer orthodontic services that are focused on painless and efficient solutions. Our Invisalign invisible corrective aligners are part of that service. We offer complimentary consultations and evaluation, including complimentary radiation-free 3D digital scan technology. This allows you to see a simulated outcome of your new smile, in a matter of minutes. Contact Yaletown Dentistry. You can book an appointment online, or call us to reserve your in-person or virtual complimentary consultation.

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