Do You Need a Gum Graft Surgery?

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Do You Need Gum Graft Surgery?

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that treats thinning gums or gum recession. This is when your gum tissue recedes away from your teeth, exposing their roots and causing sensitivity and bone loss, as well as increasing your risk of tooth decay. It also severely affects your appearance.

If you have receding or thinning gums, your dentist may recommend a gum graft surgical procedure. This treatment covers exposed teeth roots and repairs your gum line. This is important for improving overall oral health and reducing your risk of severe gum disease.

Reasons for Gum Grafting

Your dentist recommends gum grafting if your gums are receding or thinning. Receding gums are usually the result of a traumatic bite, but severe gum disease, genetics, and aggressive tooth brushing play a role.

Traumatic bite is the main reason for gum recession. If your teeth are not aligned to hit correctly when you bite, the pressure can create gum recession, much like hitting a nail at an angle causes damage to the wood you’re nailing into. Severe crowding or tipped teeth will lead to
this outcome.

Even gum surgery, augmenting recessed gums, will not be successful long-term if the traumatic bite is not corrected.

The good news is early intervention and correction of the bite can not only prevent further gum recession, but it can also reverse some of the damage already done. As the angled pressure is removed, the gums feel less strained and can heal.

Come see us for a complimentary analysis with a 3D scan of your teeth and gums. At Yaletown Dentistry, we have the technology and experience to work on the prevention of gum recession.

We have a certified Periodontist at Yaletown Dentistry that can also examine the health of your gums and discuss your treatment options.

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